Our History

Our History

Where We’ve Been

Heights began as a mission in west Liberty in 1944. Steady growth led to the constitution of West Liberty Baptist Church in 1948, with its first building in 1949. Continued growth prompted a move to the North Heights area of Liberty and a name change to Heights Baptist Church in 1959. Shortly thereafter we held our first worship service in our current sanctuary building. The facilities were later expanded to a second building, and our sanctuary has recently been remodeled to its present beautiful state.

Throughout our history, we have maintained a commitment to sound doctrine and to mission efforts. We hold to the truth of the word of God, and look to Scripture as the sole authority for our faith and practice. Our mission efforts have spread from our community to our country and beyond. In addition to sponsoring various mission trips and other efforts, Heights has planted two other churches in the Liberty area. We have partnered with churches in Minnesota, and have seen the Gospel spread as far as Armenia.

Where We’re Going

The cornerstone of life at Heights is God and his glory. We seek to experience his glory in our lives and bring glory to his name in our community. In return, he has built within us a sense of family that is bound together in Christ so that we might show God’s love to those around us. As we do, we believe we will see individuals, families, and even the city of Liberty transformed by the Gospel. We’ve only begun to see what God has for us, and we eagerly look forward to all he will do in our community, our area, and beyond.