Adult Ministry

Adult Ministry

You shall teach [these words] diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. ~ Deuteronomy 6:4


The Adult Ministry of Heights Baptist Church serves to support families growing together in relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that as parents provide a model of faith in Christ in the home, and actively teach children the way of Christ, the Gospel will advance in Liberty to the glory of God.


To carry out its mission, the Adult Ministry has taken a “divide to conquer” approach. It is “divided” in the sense that it is concentrated in two areas – men and women. To “conquer,” each ministry works independently to carry out the mission of the adult ministry, but will also cooperate together to establish strong Christian families and provide them with a firm foundation in the Word of God.


Each ministry operates in three areas as described below. While each area has a primary focus, they each also serve as an entry point into the Church and the Gospel. Also, the two individual ministries come together periodically in each of the same three areas to form the overall family ministry.


Regular events are held to gather people together around varying common interests. These events often are prompted by the interests of those within the Church but are intentionally outward-looking in nature. Emphasis is placed on attracting others in the community that share the same interests to these events. This serves various purposes. First, it introduces others to the fellowship of Heights Baptist Church. Second, it allows church members to begin to build relationships with those outside the Church. Third, it provides the Church an opportunity to introduce others to the Gospel by modeling Christ in everyday activities and interests. And fourth, opportunities may arise to actively share our faith in Christ.


Each ministry intentionally teaches the Word to both church members and to those attracted by the gatherings. This teaching may take two forms. The first is informal. This can be things such as short devotionals at the gatherings, but it can also take place in casual conversation at any time. The second is formal, structured Bible studies. These Bible studies can serve to both edify the believer and communicate the Gospel to others.


Each ministry periodically undertakes mission projects within the community. This advances the Gospel into the community and enables participants to put into practice the teachings of Scripture. Children are encouraged to take part in these projects so they might see their parent(s) living out their faith.