The Gospel Story

The Gospel Story

The Gospel story is a story of God and you.


It begins with God, the Creator of all. After he created the universe and everything in it, God then created the first man and woman. Adam and Eve were unique among the rest of creation in that they alone were created in the image of God. Having been made in the image of God, they had the same nature as God, having the same inherent characteristics and qualities. Created this way, Adam and Eve were not only a reflection of God’s glory, they also lived in close, peaceful harmony with him. No other part of creation enjoyed this kind of relationship with the Creator.

It is important to know that, like Adam and Eve, you too were created in the image of God. Also, he desires to have a close relationship with you just as he did with Adam and Eve. This gives meaning and purpose to your life. You too were created to be a reflection of God’s glory, to enjoy a close, personal relationship with him


One other aspect of being created in the image of God was that Adam and Eve had the capacity to make choices for themselves. God desired that they live in harmony with himself, but gave them the opportunity to choose to do so. He didn’t want to force them into relationship with himself. He gave them free rein to be stewards of creation, but with one stipulation – they were not to eat the fruit of a specific tree. However, they were soon tempted to do just that and made a conscious choice to eat that fruit. This act of rebellion destroyed their unique relationship with God. As a consequence of their choice, they were expelled from Eden and eventually experienced death. The Bible names this rebellion, this disobedience of his word, as sin.

From that moment, all of mankind has that same nature of rebellion. With the same opportunity to obey God or not, it is our nature, it is your nature, to choose to disobey God. As soon as we make that first choice to disobey God, we are under the same penalty of death as Adam and Eve.


God has such a deep and abiding love that he pursued man so that their relationship might be restored. He established a people that he could call his own and provided a means by which they could live in harmony with him once again. God’s desire was for the Israelites to obey his Law and point others to himself. However, their constant rebellion kept separating them from God. As part of his Law, he provided a means for their relationship to be restored – the death of a sacrifice. This was temporary until the time was right for a perfect sacrifice.

God pursues you the same way. You are his creation. He desires for you to live your life in harmony and fellowship with him. His love for you is constant and fierce. He has already shown his love for you in his perfect sacrifice.


That perfect sacrifice is Jesus. Where mankind failed to live in accordance with God’s Law, Jesus succeeded. He lived a perfect life without rebellion or sin. Because of this, he was the perfect sacrifice for man. His death on the cross, his burial, and his resurrection to life meant that our sin could be forgiven, our relationship with God could be restored, and we can receive eternal life.


While the gift of forgiveness and eternal life are available to all, once again a choice is required to receive it. God asks you to believe in his son Jesus and the sacrifice he made for you and commit your life to Him.

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